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"The Flower Garden"

"The Flower Garden" Original Oil Painting by Samantha Long

About the Painting

One thing that the pandemic and its aftereffects did for me is help me to value togetherness and the associations we have with each other more than I ever had before. I hate to say it, but I not only had taken other people for granted, but I, at times, saw them as annoyances or obstacles. When traffic was bad or I had to wait my turn to select peanut butter at the grocery store, I would vow never to leave the house again. 

Now that I have had the experience of being forcibly made to isolate, I suddenly appreciate opportunities to connect with others (their indecisiveness with jam companions notwithstanding). We do indeed make each better, happier, and more complete. I now view simple gatherings with good friends as some of the most precious moments I have. 

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Blog Post: Creating the Composition


Samantha Has Started Tracing-- what?!!

Ever since I started drawing, I've been told time and time again, "Tracing is cheating." Likely you've been told this before, too, and, like me, now hold this belief as a principle of the gospel of art.


I've gone to great lengths to not trace. I've looked down my nose at Tracers. I've expounded on how photography has limits and how tracing warped imagery is like shooting yourself in your tiny distorted foot. I've erased and redrawn things over and over if it happened to be a bit too small or in the wrong place. In short, I've clung to the precarious ledge of principle on the steep slope of inevitability.


Inevitable, I say? Yes, at some point everyone, even the great and stubborn Samantha, has to bow to efficiency. One reaches a time when one must ask oneself: "Is this belief helping, or hurting?" And Samantha has finally reached her breaking point...

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