"Hannah in Green" Original Pastel FigureStudy

Pastel on Toned Clairefontaine Sanded Pastel Paper

Drawing Size: 9" x 13"

by Samantha Long

"Hannah in Green" Original Pastel Figure Study by Samantha Long

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  • Pastel is the purest of media, as it is pigment with the tiniest amount of binder. What makes pastel paintings so brilliant is the pigment on the page reflects light with little colored pigment prisms.

    Fixative spray has a tendency to dull these little prisms, thereby darkening the colors. For this reason I do not fix my pastel paintings. I use sanded pastel paper, which alone should hold the pigment in place. Some dislodging of the pastel durning shipping is normal.

    Pastel is ‘eternally wet,’ meaning it will smudge if touched. I theretofore recommend framing behind glass. Be advised that plexiglass is not suitable for pastels because the static electricity buildup of the plastic will wreak havoc with the chalk dust.