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"Making Decisions" Giclée Print

Image Size: 16" x 20"

Print Size:  17" x 21" (Image Size plus 1/2" Border)

by Samantha Long

"Making Decisions" Giclée Print by Samantha Long

  • This giclée is printed on Moab Entrada Rag Natural archival artist paper, a 100% cotton smooth fine art paper, with Canon Lucia pigment inks. It is guaranteed not to fade for at least 100 years. The print is sold unframed with a 1/2" white border for framing ease.

  • I used to think that life was black and white with a clear delineation between right and wrong. The more I experience of the world, however, the more ambiguities I begin to see. We face choices to which there are no ‘right answers.’  This grayness can be, frankly, troubling. How can one know how to act when all the options available are equally appealing? 

    I am beginning to believe that it’s less important what we choose, but why we choose it. Whether our decision is empirically right or not, what is more important is the intent behind it. Ambiguity can be refining. The grey in our lives is the greatest opportunity to fully exercise our agency and prove who we truly are. It is our uncertainty that builds our faith in ways black and white questions cannot. As long as we strive to choose the good, we needn’t agonize over which choice we ultimately make. 

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