"Zion Rising" Preparatory Drawing

Graphite on Paper

Drawing Size: 13" x 10 1/2"

by Samantha Long

"Zion Rising" Original Drawing by Samantha Long

  • This drawing is fixed with a fixative spray, which reduces to eliminates the possibility of the graphite smudging or releasing from the paper. Nevertheless, due to the nature of works on paper, I recommend framing behind glass.

  • The hymn, “We Will Sing of Zion” by Merrill Bradshaw, contains the line, “Zion soon in all the world will rise to meet her God.” To my mind comes an image of the saints entering balloons to ascend to heaven together. Hot air balloons are a symbol of faith. They rise solely by their ability to contain air heated by potentially perilous flames. If the silk tears or if the fire fails, the balloon will descend back to the ground. Metaphorically as we daily tend our flame of faith, we can rise above temptation as we seek out God.