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"Peppermint Cottage" Preparatory Drawing

Graphite on Paper

Drawing Size: 12" x 9.5" with 3/4" Border

by Samantha Long

"Peppermint Cottage" Original Drawing by Samantha Long

  • This drawing is fixed with a fixative spray, which reduces to eliminates the possibility of the graphite smudging or releasing from the paper. Nevertheless, due to the nature of works on paper, I recommend framing behind glass.

  • "Where would a candy man live?" is the question I asked myself when I determined to paint a rare landscape. He would live on an estate with acres of colorful candy fields, of course. He would put his licorice fence around his yard of apple grass with its famous gumball tree. At the head of his nerds gravel pathway bordered by lifesavers and bouquets of gum drops would sit his peppermint-emblazoned kissing gate. Let’s not forget the candy stripes on his candy jar-shaped little house complete with purple cotton candy smoke. Yes, this is where the candy man lives.

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